Care For Medical Conditions

Care for Medical Conditions


At Elite Vision Consultants, we provide patients with the utmost care where medical conditions related to the health of the eye are concerned. Our doctors are the primary gatekeepers for numerous patients and work very closely with area physicians and sub-specialists to ensure complete care for all patients during every step of the treatment process. 

What Your Eyes Say About Your Health


There are many elements of vision and eye health that can go wrong, some of which signal to eye doctors that there is a larger systemic issue at play. Diabetes is one such example. Blurry vision, retinopathy, and glaucoma are just a few examples of problems causing reduced health of the eye that are also signs of diabetes. Treating diabetes can then allow patients to realize better vision, fewer eye health concerns, and greater overall physical health.

The close connection between vision, the eyes, and physical health is one of the reasons that regular eye examinations are so important. Catching vision problems early on can help patients prevent many medical concerns or treat them before they become difficult to manage.

At Elite Vision Consultants, glaucoma testing, a dilated fundus examination, and diagnostic retinal imaging are all performed for each patient to evaluate the health of the eye. Diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eye syndrome are all examples of medical conditions that can be treated at our optometry clinic.