Comprehensive Eye Exams

It is important to catch vision concerns and other eye health-related problems before they become advanced. This gives patients the best chance at preventing vision loss and other complications. As serious as they are, many health concerns related to the eyes can be hard to spot by patients themselves. This is because they tend not to cause any symptoms that are easy to detect. As a result, comprehensive eye exams performed by a qualified eye doctor are a vital aspect of a patient’s overall health. 

At Elite Vision Consultants, we take pride in our comprehensive vision and eye health evaluations. Through state-of-the-art computerized testing and careful examination by our doctors, we assess each patient’s visual system and determine what type of vision correction is best for that individual. 


We understand that patients want to feel comfortable during their eye exams and be able to develop a trusting partnership with their eye doctor. As a result, we offer one-hour appointments and avoid making our patients feel rushed at every step of the appointment. We also take our time to answer questions with patients so everyone is on the same page and ready to take steps toward better eye health. 

what is included?

What do our comprehensive eye exams include? All patients receive a corneal topography reading of the cornea, in-depth scans of the optic nerve and the macula, and a fundus photo evaluating the health of the retina. VIsual correction options and other recommendations for next steps will be determined based on our findings.

Visual correction options may include glasses, contacts, laser vision correction, or corneal refractive therapy. Your eye doctor will be better able to explain what you need to see better and keep your eyes healthy after your exam.