Do one Thing

Buy one, get one, give one


We've created our own frame line! Built around the theme of GIVING, we call our brand "Do One Thing Eyewear" or "DOT".

We developed this line to provide beautiful, high quality, independent frames for our patients at an affordable price. Available now with over 50 styles in multiple colors/materials! Big faces, little faces, metal, titanium, italian acetate! But it doesn't stop there...

How are we "doing one thing" to help others you ask??

The concept is simple. If you BUY 1 complete pair of glasses, you will GET 1 complete pair of glasses, AND we will GIVE 1 complete pair to someone in need! This is our new program to help patients in our community.




Our frame line “DOT” was built around the theme of GIVING. DOT stands for “Do One Thing" and it says that right on the temple. Every time you put on your frames, you will remember that you contributed to someone else’s well-being. Every time someone buys glasses through this program, we as a practice are “doing our one thing” to help others. We’re so excited to get this program rolling!

Your purchase will have a direct impact to help someone else see clearly!

As with any great deal, there are some simple stipulations:
1. You must join the “DOT Club” to take advantage of the program - either by having an eye exam with us within the last year, or by paying a small membership fee.
2. One of the two complete pairs that the patient receives must include a DOT frame.
3. Both pairs must be for the same patient.
4. You will pay for the pair with the higher cost. There may be upgrade fees on the second pair if there are special add-ons

We’re excited to start serving our patients in a new way and hope you all are excited to help others!!

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