Do you take my insurance?

We made an active decision when we opened to be an Out-Of-Network/Open-Access-Provider for vision insurance plans. This was a well thought out decision and part of a comprehensive plan to make sure we could concentrate on what we do best – provide amazing eyewear and exceptional service. We make this easy for our clients by submitting to your insurance directly on your behalf to ensure you receive prompt reimbursement. We quickly realized that we are much better equipped as an Out-Of-Network provider, to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers and patients. We want patients that are tired of the hum-drum eyewear that is passed off as “designer brand” and the sub-standard service that is propagated by the typical insurance-based practice. We love the relationships that we are afforded with patients that choose us and advocate for us because of our roots to and involvement in the community.

What frame lines do you sell?

We strive to offer the most eclectic selection of eyeglasses in Northwest Indiana. We carefully curate our collection ranging from simply elegant to timeless classics to funky art for the face. We were determined to only work with independent companies whose designers have a passion to create something beautiful for our customers. This would be more difficult with the insurance company influencing our purchasing to align with their partners or parent companies, such as Luxottica and Marchon.

What makes your eye exam different than other eye clinics?

We take time and get to know every patient, and review personal and family history, hobbies, work activities and individual needs. This takes more time, but it allows us to better evaluate visual needs and often leads to solutions for complaints that the patient could not articulate. Our refraction is in-depth and not delegated to assistants or computer devices. Our eye exams are thorough and include dilation, corneal topography scans, and OCT retinal screening, allowing us to detect early glaucoma and retinal issues. At the conclusion of each visit, we have a comprehensive discussion on our findings and plan, including time for the patient to ask questions. This would not be possible if we were trying to triple book patients to adjust for low insurance reimbursements and higher administrative costs.

Do you see patients of all ages?

Yes we love being able to provide care to everyone, from pediatrics to specialized disease care and surgical consultations for cataract surgery. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all your eye care needs from comprehensive exams for glasses and contact lenses, to injuries and eye infections.