Tom Davies

made for you


Do you need glasses that fit?

Do you want our help to find your perfect style?

All Tom Davies frames can be custom made to fit you in any of our colors and have your name engraved onto the side of the temple arm.

All too often optical dispensing is full of compromises. You select a frame which you can see is just a bit too small or too big. Perhaps the temple arms are too short which means the frame slips down your nose. Maybe the frame you have found is simply not the perfect color for you.

With Tom Davies Custom you will spend time with an Elite Vision Consultant at the top of their game. You start by finding a frame from the Tom Davies range which you already like, then the size and proportions of the frame are adjusted to your natural fit. Colors are chosen from our extensive range of acetate and titanium finishes and then the frame is handmade to your exact specifications.


Made in England


We have a unique combination of technology and traditional handwork in our factory, ensuring your custom frames are crafted as quickly as possible. With your permission, your email address can be entered on to our factory system and we will send a series of videos from the production line as your frame passes through our system.



High Quality, Unique Glasses, Custom Made For You!