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Clear Vision at Every Angle 

Contact lenses can give you clear vision just like your glasses, but with more flexibility and freedom.

Our team can work with you to find contact lenses that fit your eyes and lifestyle. Contact lenses can help control the progression of myopia, treat dry eye symptoms, and more. 

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A Frameless Fit

Before you can wear contact lenses, you’ll need to come in for a contact lens fitting with a member of our team. We can work with you to determine what kind of contacts work best for your lifestyle.

During your contact lens fitting, we’ll provide you with recommendations for contact lenses. You may want to test out your new contacts. 

We can give you information on wear time, how to insert and remove your lenses, and proper care. After a bit of practice, you should feel confident and comfortable in your new lenses.

Specialty Lenses

There are a multitude of contact lenses on the market today, including specialty contact lenses that can be used for more than just clear vision. Some contact lenses are specifically designed to address eye conditions, like dry eye, and other visual issues that a regular contact lens may not be able to address.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are similar to regular, soft lenses except that they are made with different materials. This material is more durable than a typical soft contact lens. RGP lenses allow oxygen to easily pass through the lens and are available in daily wear and extended wear options.

​​Scleral contact lenses are larger than regular contact lenses and are designed to cover your sclera (white of your eye). By resting on the sclera, these contacts cover the entire surface of the eye to create a fluid reservoir that helps keep the eye hydrated.

These lenses also help to smooth the surface of the eye for people who have corneal irregularities. Scleral lenses can be used by people who struggle with dry eye or to correct conditions like keratoconus.

Hybrid contact lenses combine an RGP centre with a soft, outer ring. This helps make contact lenses more comfortable. Hybrid lenses correct your vision and can help address other visual issues, such as keratoconus and dry eye.

Orthokeratology lenses, or ortho-k, are specially designed contact lenses used to gently reshape the cornea to improve vision. Ortho-k lenses are usually worn overnight and help slow the progression of myopia. While these vision improvements can be temporary, ortho-k lenses can be incredibly effective at correcting corneal irregularities, especially in children.

Infuse daily disposable contact lenses are specially designed soft lenses that can be used by people with dry eye. These contact lenses maintain hydration throughout the day. Infuse lenses have a proprietary formula of ingredients that maintain hydration and help mitigate the feeling of dry, itchy eyes after a long day of wearing contact lenses.

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