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What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a condition that causes your eye(s) to feel excessively dry, fatigued, and uncomfortable. If your eyes can’t produce enough tears, or they produce tears that aren’t stable, you can experience dry eye symptoms.

Tears can be unstable for many reasons. If your tears lack certain components, such as enough oil, it can lead to inflammation and damage to the surface of the eye. 

Dry eye is very treatable. Our team can help you diagnose and treat your dry eye. Schedule your appointment with us today.

Do I Have Dry Eye?

Excellent question!

Everyone can experience symptoms of dry eye. A comprehensive eye exam can determine whether you have dry eye disease. Take our dry eye quiz to see if you could benefit from dry eye treatment.

We’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule a dry eye evaluation.

Complete Your Dry Eye Evaluation

The first step to getting treatment is to come in for a comprehensive dry eye evaluation. This evaluation is quick, noninvasive, and incredibly useful in finding a treatment that works for you. We can use a variety of tools to determine if you have dry eye. 

A comprehensive eye exam is a simple and effective way to determine whether you have dry eye. If you are due for an exam (adults should get eye exams every 1 – 2 years), you can ask us about dry eye symptoms and treatments.

If you express a specific concern regarding dry eye, we may perform a test to measure your tear production. This is called the Schirmer test and it uses blotting paper to determine whether your eyes are producing adequate amounts of tears.

Alternatively, we can perform a phenol red thread test. This test uses a thread infused with pH-sensitive dye to collect and measure tears.

Depending on your symptoms, we may perform a tear quality test. Using special eye drops, your doctor can determine the surface condition of your eyes. This test measures staining patterns on the cornea and how long it takes tears to evaporate.

The TearLab performs a tear osmolarity test which measures the composition of your tears. Tears should normally have a mix of water and particles, but with dry eye disease, there will be less water in the tears.

Get Treatment that Works for You

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